I have also been researching tools for the trip. I watched Cash And Treasures again, where they went to the Herkimer mines, and have been reading web sites. I already had some of the tools such as a sledge, pick axe, safety glasses, garden shovel, garden claw, etc. But I bought some more tools. It is always good to have more tools! I could rent tools at the place, but I am not sure all what they have to rent.
I made multiple trips to Harbor Freight. They are good place to buy some types of toold cheap. But alot of their tools are cheaply made, so you have to take that into account. I bought a 48″ crow bar there as well as three wood splitting wedges.
At Sears I bought a new Craftsman brand sledghammer with a fiberglass handle. It comes with a lifetime warranty. So if I break it, they will replace it. I already had a wood handled sledge from Harbor Freight, that had a shorter handle. I also bought another wood splitting wedge and an Estwing crack hammer. It was labelled as a drilling hammer, but I checked Estwing’s site, and the crack hammer and the drilling hammer have the same model number, so they are the same thing.
I bought another Estwing crack hammer at Lowes so my wife and I could both have one, and also a digging shovel. That will come in handy around the house I think. I already had a long handle shovel with a foam covered handle. But I never trust that thing. The wood under the foam in skinny, and I keep expecting it to break. I also bought a bullpoint chisel.
I had ordered an Estwing Gad Pry Bar. But the first place cancelled my order. I ordered it from another place. I had asked them if they had it in stock and they said they would check and get back to me if they didn’t have it. I never heard. A week later I called them and found they didn’t have it and couldn’t get it. At this point it was too late to try and order one from some place else. I guess I will have to do without a gad pry bar.
I even made a couple screen boxes using 1/4 inch mesh screen.