My wife and I were down in Ligonier, PA this last weekend for a wedding. We took a leisurely drive down Friday, and arrive in the evening. The wedding wasn’t until 4:30pm Saturday evening. So we had a bunch of time to go off and do something Saturday morning/afternoon.
In my book Earth Treasures Volume 1-The Northeastern Quadrant by Allan W. Eckert, it lists a few places to hunt rocks in the area. A bunch of the places are quarries. But I was hesitant to try any of the places listed as a quarry, since they might have limited access.
There were a couple that I found that looked interesting. According to the book, there is a railroad cut about 2 miles north of Etna on SR-8. Supposedly there is Barite, Calcite, Pyrite, and Wurzite here. I looked this up, and it seemed like it would be about an hour and a half drive.
Another place I found listed was the Mount Pleasant area (Westmoreland county) which supposedly has amethyst in the fields. My wife loves amethyst! But this was still about about an hour drive away. This one wasn’t as bad since we were planning to go the Greensburg to check out a couple used book stores. And Mt Pleasant is only about 20 minutes south of there. But the book doesn’t say which fields. And since we don’t knwo the area.
But thus far, we have explored a few places in the book, and haven’t found any of the rocks that were supposed to be in those locations. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Just that we haven’t found them. But our trust of the book is kind of shakey. So we were hesitant to drive very far with our limited time to go look for rocks that may or may not have been there. But then it would have been cool to have found some nice pieces of amethyst.
Maybe next time we get down to Pennsylvania.